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Groups in the Big Data Brain Initiative (BDBI) secure grant for research

Three teams secure research grants aimed at furthering the understanding of neuroscience and the stimulation of the brain:

  • “Measuring the Reaction of the Brain to Magnetic Stimulation” Lotfi Ben Othmane, D.C. Jiles and M.Mina

Researchers here at ISU secured funds from the ISU College of Engineering, Exploratory Research Program (ERP) to conduct research on the reaction time of the brain to magnetic stimulation.

  • “Iowa BRAIN-STIM Collaboration” A. Boes, H. Oya (University of Iowa) and D.C. Jiles (ISU)

Prof. David Jiles in collaboration with the team at the University of Iowa secured funds from the Iowa Board of Regents to conduct research on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). 

  • “Studies of neurospheres and diseased neurospheres on chip under magnetic field stimulation and drug treatment” L.Que, D. Sakaguchi and D.C.Jiles

This research using a "mini-brain" would study the effect of magnetic stimulation and is been funded by the NSF Division of Electrical, Communications & Cyber Systems. You can read more about the research from the College of Engineering News.